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Big freezers, saunas and party rooms: how to cater for Europe's student renters

Europe's student accommodation sector is beginning to evolve
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Shah on property: This is the point when lenders get more dangerous

Economic recoveries tempt bankers to take keys from borrowers
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Why the latest business rates proposals need challenging

Some of the Treasury's suggestions are unnecessary and unworkable
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How the pandemic has increased lenders' appetite for growth

There are signs of increased scrutiny on deals, with reduced leverage and increasing margins
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Rising Star: the electric vehicle revolution

Future roads belong to electric vehicles, but our homes will spearhead the green movement
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How will businesses reappraise their space needs?

Flexible workspace provider LABS's survey hints at new norms for occupiers
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How to maximise returns from BTR

Even more new entrants are expected in the near future
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Life in the fast lane: what 'real time retail’ means for real estate

A shift has happened that’s changing the shape of the retail supply chain
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Inflation is coming and logistics will be a beneficiary

There is reason to think that logistics yields could fall much lower