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Will the UK hotels market turn a corner?

Sector could bounce back quickly on vaccine news
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Urban living set to adapt as working from home takes hold long-term

Working from home will likely hasten the evolution of residential design in some key areas
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Shah on property: Time to wake up the sleeping giants. British Landsec, anyone?

Blue chip REITs should carve up income and development vehicles
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Developing independent hospitals is the medicine the NHS needs

COVID driving the need for new capacity
View of the Houses of Parliament

How the relocation of 22,000 civil servants will affect London and the north

Shifting government roles across the country could leave London with 2m sq ft of vacancy but not all of this will be absorbed by the north

Retail-to-office trend could save struggling high streets

John Lewis’ plans to transform nearly half of its iconic store into offices is a move in the right direction
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Will the workplace look different for the legal sector?

The legal sector was quick to adopt large scale homeworking, but how will the transition back to the office play out?
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Why it pays to have a green office: the link between sustainability and premium rents

Sustainable buildings commanding record rents across the UK