Outside Voice

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Outside Voice: the occupier that is going to help retail owners from sinking

Water Babies looking to work with property owners to drive footfall
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Unlike 2008, the ESG agenda will not be derailed

The response to the pandemic is less about bailing out banks, as in the aftermath of the GFC, and more about supporting people
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Companies are about to realise how important human interaction is

Point of contact: Need for company will be office market’s saving grace
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Whose responsibility is it to make a workplace corona-safe?

The looming return to the office gives rise to the question of whether it falls to landlords or occupiers to provide a safe environment
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COVID-19 - A hammer-blow to retail or a catalyst for sustainable landlord-tenant relationships?

Landlords are faced with the prospect of tenants succeeding in arguing that their leases have been frustrated whilst it remains “illegal” for them to occupy
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Sandelson corona blog (the finale): the stark reality back home

The UK's preparations have been in sharp contrast to Singapore's