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A totally objective ranking of 108 property company logos

Don't pretend you're not desperate to see if your firm's in here
Grass, Plant, Campus

AEW acquires newly built Paris campus

New Paris Clichy campus has been purchased by two AEW REITs
Person, Human, Light

Life in the fast lane: what 'real time retail’ means for real estate

A shift has happened that’s changing the shape of the retail supply chain
Building, Steeple, Spire

What Coventry teaches us about the student accommodation market

Coventry's development boom underscores importance of local market dynamics
Office Building, Building, Person

Technology is key in providing the workplace experience occupiers want

Offices could need to undergo the same type of revolution as retail
Living Room, Room, Indoors

Outside Voice: changing hospitality for a bright post-pandemic world

The tech-enabled hotel operator with a $170m expansion pot looks at how to meet travellers' need for control and Covid-safe spaces
Indoors, Office, Building

Corporate real estate beyond 2020

The shift to an agile workplace has now been forced onto many organizations. What does it mean for corporate occupiers going forward?