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Q+A: Hines' Blair: "Those who believe that tumble weed is going to be rolling down the streets of London soon will be sorely mistaken"

Hines MD discusses the prospects for the capital, where he sees value and how investors are shifting to income preservation

Q+A: The changing of the guard with Grigg & Carter

British Land duo look forward and back
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Harworth Group has not been standing still as its geographical expertise grows
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Q+A: Meyer Bergman’s Kardun is not working from the menu

React News talked to Meyer Bergman's new chief investment officer
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Q&A: Derwent on Silver's retirement and the future of the London office market

New era for London office developer as Silver steps back
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UK fund manager looking to expand into new operational asset classes
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Savills’ retail heads: The current environment is unlike anything we have experienced before

React News caught up with Savills' James Gulliford and Mark Garmon-Jones