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COVID-19 should be the catalyst to drive a revolution in the UK budget hotel sector

The fallout of the Travelodge CVA is a turning point
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Amazon’s 11m sq ft barrage begins to influence funding market dynamics

Amazon has bolstered its real estate team in the UK and has growing clout in the investment market
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Mixed bag for Scottish rents as retail struggles

CBRE and HFD provided React News with exclusive data on Scottish rent collection
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Invesco sells 18.6% stake in NewRiver a year after buying shares from Woodford

Invesco sells almost entire stake in NewRiver REIT
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The big questions: how might intu unravel?

Shopping centre firm on the brink
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Norges’ successes, narrow escapes and next steps in property

Sovereign wealth fund reveals how its real estate strategy is evolving
  • Norges has delivered real estate returns well ahead of its cost of capital over the past decade
  • Fund has benefited from being an early mover in logistics. Initially, it considered investing in dominant UK shopping centres but then decided to limit retail investment to prime high-street locations
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What now for 3m+ sq ft of regional office requirements?

React News is tracking deals in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol & Belfast
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Pandemic throws spotlight on valuation

Valuers rethink approach to material uncertainty clauses and property inspections
  • RICS is leading regular calls between valuers on specific sectors and use of material uncertainty clauses
  • Caveat to be lifted in a co-ordinated way by sector and potentially by geography
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What next for the €1.5bn+ of assets in gated Irish property funds?

Irish property funds moving to increase cash positions to process redemptions