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Sovereign wealth fund in talks to buy €400m+ Berlin TechnoCampus

The 62,000 sq m office complex is expected to change hands by the end of the month
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Q+A: Abrdn's Kapiteyn on betting on residential and logistics to ride rising interest tides

Since a change in its mandate to reflect developing markets, the European Balanced Property Fund has hit the ground running

Spanish loan market heats up with €1.4bn residential mortgage sales

The largest portfolio, with a gross book value of €800m, is named Project Galapagos
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Q+A: Barings on the rise of residential and the German single-family market

Ben Pile and Paul Stewart tell React News how they are using data to diversify their investments

LEG rejects chance to buy out Brack from Adler

LEG has been mulling the decision since the publication of its annual report

€50m Hamburg residential redevelopment hits the market

Vendor has preliminary permit to increase number of apartments from 193 to 266
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German owner weighs sale of €500m Frankfurt tower

Firm is expected to make a decision whether to push ahead after the summer
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Q+A: Maslow, Bergen and Arrow on bridge and development lending amid rising construction distress

A new inflationary environment will shake up business loans, says Maslow's Ellis Sher
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Round Hill closes €200m acquisition of Portuguese student business 

Deal largest investment of its kind in Portugal this year