Bruce Dear

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Offices are not a passing fad that can be dispatched by a few articles and a Zoom debate

Never a home-screen day goes by without some kitchen table prophet predicting that COVID-19 has killed the office
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Expert Reaction: Pessimism never built anything - if we don’t think big, we will fail small

The property industry always rises again. It built London anew after the Great Fire, restored our cities after the Blitz and survived to thrive after the depression of 1929
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Expert Reaction: Hong Kong investors are still hot on the UK, but we have to work hard to attract their money

If Hong Kongers’ animal spirits wane on us, there might not be much animal left in London
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Expert Reaction: Are you ready for Labour's Tsunami-scale socialist shock-wave?

Labour’s programme will have a profound impact on every real estate business and market
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Expert Reaction: Will PM’s customs deal breach the DUP’s “blood red lines”?

Why Boris Johnson's deal will be a difficult dish for the DUP to swallow
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Expert Reaction: China’s government has tamed dragon investors and harnessed them to ride for the state

Beijing is determined all outgoing investment will align with China’s strategic goals