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KSL considers sale of £160m Ryder Cup venue

The Belfry has hosted the Ryder Cup four times
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Cromwell and Stratus team up for $1bn data centre fund

First deals lined up in London and Frankfurt
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Itsu considers CVA

Itsu hires advisers to consider restructuring options
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COVID-19 puts property investing councils in 'very risky position'

Commons' Public Accounts Committee fires warning over council property investments
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RICS lifts uncertainty clauses for central London offices and student housing

RICS forum says caveat "may no longer be appropriate"
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Value of shopping centres council bought for £51m in 2018 falls to £17.5m

Shropshire Council is nursing heavy losses on 2018 purchase
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Retail park footfall recovers best as restrictions ease

Shoppers return to retail parks before shopping centres and high streets
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Meadowhall owners secure waivers on £576m debt after making top-up payment

British Land and Norges persuade bondholders to grant waivers
  •  JV owners will have until October 2021 to pay any overdue amounts
  • They made a £4.3m top-up payment in April to prevent a debt service shortfall