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FTSE fall and recession fears: how property reacted to the mini-budget

Dash for growth sparks fears over quantity of borrowing and inflationary impact of tax cuts

Levelling up bill to be "gutted" as Gove's legacy is dismantled

"If Michael Gove did it, expect it to be undone," say insiders
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Schroders appoints manager to run £4bn Scottish Widows funds

Manager joins from Columbia Threadneedle, where he ran the property trust
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Fourth housing minister of the year confirmed

Lee Rowley is an ex-estate agent, banker and Westminster councillor
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PM to relax planning rules in 12 "investment zones" as part of mini-budget

Tax could be lowered and environmental protections relaxed
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Scottish developer puts build-to-rent schemes on hold after rent freeze

Sturgeon's intervention and rising build costs cited for pause in strategy

Green belt in England swells by 1.5%

12.6% of land is now allocated as protected

Will sovereign wealth fund tax shakeup deter investment?

Treasury's plan to bring UK into line with other countries receives mixed reactions

Regional REIT results reveal £71m of disposals in first half of 2022

Group remains "confident of navigating wider macro challenges facing the economy"