Tom Sharman

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Investment market cannot be fully functional without a retail trade

Investment figures mask liquidity squeeze in the retail sector

The virus may have peaked but the fallout is only just beginning

History tells us that as unemployment rises, real estate values fall

Investors face an unusually stark choice between value and growth

Benchmarking values today against a time when the vast majority of shopping was done in-store is of little more relevance than harking back to the golden age of the stagecoach
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Distinguishing temporary change from permanent will be crucial for the property industry

A lifetime of working from home remains a remote prospect for most
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Expert Reaction: Virus will reach all corners of the market but resistance will vary widely

There's isn't a corner of the property industry that will be untouched by coronavirus. But the ability to adapt businesses plans and ways of working will separate the strong from the weak
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Expert Reaction: Delivering on a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in retail

Domestic REITS and institutions have sold more than £800m of retail assets already this year, double the run rate of last year
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Expert Reaction: Investment market bursts into life as 2020 hints at window of opportunity

In a late twist, 2019 went out with a bang not a whimper