Tom Sharman

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US real estate market offers premonition of our near future

Headwinds may be different to 2008 but the ripples of change are likely to move in the same direction

Amazon indigestion raises questions for booming industrial sector

Given that Amazon accounted for a quarter of the Big Box market last year, the risks of a messy landing must now be considered

Why there will be more investment in 2022 than any year since the referendum

...unless another Greek letter becomes one of the most familiar words of this year

The hard questions posed by hybrid working

The future of working is crucial to the office market - but it is still too ill-defined
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Why investors should look closer at the mainstream before seeking alternatives

For most investors, office, retail and industrial properties will continue to represent the most sensible targets for their capital

What's the difference between a counter-cyclical lender and a contrarian one?

It makes sense to be more cautious as yields compress, the challenge is determining if price movements are cyclical or structural
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Spirit of cooperation is the best way to maximise recovery

It is in nobody’s interests for properties to lie empty, or for otherwise viable businesses to fail
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Office occupiers should be prepared that genuine flexibility comes at a price

Tenants may have to choose between making savings on office space and benefitting from more flexible ways of occupying that space
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Retail property in 2021: The sale of the century or a falling knife?

Investors in retail property today needs to become expert in the business of retail itself