Northern Ireland

Q+A: Multi's faceted approach after management buyout

React News spoke to Multi board members and co-CEOs Elmar Schoonbrood and Steven Poelman about the road ahead

New Look moves into new formats with first outlet store

The fashion retailer is making its foray into outlet retail at the Boulevard in Northern Ireland
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PIC backs Northern Irish social housing with £100m debt

The deferred debt deal offers £60m of initial funding and a further £40m deferred for 1-2 years
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Residential schemes drive recovery in development activity in regional cities

Deloitte’s Regional Crane Survey shows construction rebounded last year after subdued 2020
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Investments in Northern Ireland assets hit £290m last year

The sale of Merchant Square in Belfast has become the region's largest ever office deal
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Northern Irish logistics sale to tempt buyers across Irish sea

The 85,000 sq ft hub is leased to Bunzl
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Q+A: Osborne+Co: "The industry prefers to protect value than embrace disruption"

Investor and developer gears up for next phase of growth with Weiner on board
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Former U+I boss Weiner joins growing developer

Exec on board as equity partner