Non-performing loans

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BPER Banca partners with Gardant to manage €2.5bn of distressed loans

An NPL portfolio worth €1.5bn will also be sold to Amco by the end of the year
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Ion negotiates earnout clause for €1.4bn Prelios acquisition

The provision would allow the fintech to pay for the target company in several stages

Bank of Ireland agrees sale of €1.4bn UK and Irish NPLs

Two separate deals will lower bank’s non-performing loans ratio from 5.4% to 3.7%

DFI's Gomez Vega on targeting a 4,500-unit rental portfolio from Spanish repossessed properties

Private equity player is aiming to sell to an institutional investor

Two final bidders fight over €300m Spanish NPL portfolio

Spanish banks’ level of distressed loans has decreased to €78.9bn

Three investors selected to vie for Italian bank’s €500m portfolio

The deal is being executed via a servicing agreement and a securitisation

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EU distressed loans fall but economic risk looms

Worsening economic outlook amid high inflation and rising rates are main risk factors

Italian NPLs expected to increase by €82bn within two years

Banks will keep de-risking their balance sheet to keep the level under control

Italian bank to sell €1bn+ of distressed loans

The lender has reached its lowest-ever level of NPLs