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IWG and WeWork share slump belies reality of flex office boom

Operators start expanding again as occupancy bounces back
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Logistics take-up soars as manufacturers reshore back to the UK  

"Made in Britain" set to make a comeback as offshoring loses its lustre
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Welcome to Clichy-Batignolles, the sustainable neighbourhood of the future

Paris's ecodistrict uses creative solutions to achieve carbon neutrality

Deutsche Telekom no longer needs half of its office space

CEO says the company had been "oversized" in the past
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Q+A: Brookfield – “Some of our most interesting opportunities have been acquired when others were not looking"

React News asks why the Canadian investor bought Hibernia and what it plans to do now
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Leeds maintains momentum with flurry of lettings

Prime rents maintained at £34/sq ft

Third Space bulks up to 70,000 sq ft in two London locations

Fitness club to open centres in Wimbledon and Battersea

Kinrise signs sports tech company to Leeds office  

Property opposite Leeds station has undergone a transformation in the past three years

Norwegian developer considers sale of 1m sq m Oslo airport business park

Parts of the scheme are currently under construction, while the rest carries outline planning consent