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L&G pledges £4bn for offices, housing and regeneration in West Midlands

Partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority to extend to 2029

Fund manager starts up £60m South East sale

M&G selling after refurbishing and repositioning the campus
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Hague's Department of Science needs to look beyond Oxbridge

By leveraging universities across the UK we can turn startups into titans of British industry
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City office investment hits record £3.8bn in first quarter

Savills says it expects yields to remain broadly stable in Europe
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French government calls for offers for the former Hôtel du Timbre

The property is the current headquarters of the Central Paris Fiscal Affairs bureau

Take an on-the-ground approach to office investment in Paris and London

Adding value requires a deep understanding of the particularities of these markets

Londoners less willing to return to the office than any other global city

London falls behind Paris, Berlin, New York and Tokyo in terms of office footfall
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Tech firm takes 44,000 sq ft in "Silicon Spa"

Valeo Capital redeveloping former House of Fraser into Bedford Street Studios