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Why repurposing retail as offices will breathe new life into Britain’s high streets

How can the industry make use of Class E and sustainably repurpose this space for workers and retailers
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Expert Reaction: how to breathe life back into our town centres

Practical and psychological barriers need to be addressed to get people returning to town centres
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Expert Reaction: Evolving retail landlord-tenant collaboration crucial to building value

Closer partnerships will form around the common goal of increasing footfall and store turnover
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Operational real estate investment has crossed the Rubicon

At last, real estate and operational businesses are working together
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Investment market cannot be fully functional without a retail trade

Investment figures mask liquidity squeeze in the retail sector
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The UK’s regions are key to getting workers back to the office

Businesses located in markets of least reliance on public transport should encounter a smoother return to the office
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The state of logistics in a post-Covid-19 world

Midbox warehousing may well be the sweet spot for occupiers

COVID-19: An opportunity to improve the private rented sector for all

The crisis provides an opportunity for greater flexibility and a time to shine for technology in the PRS sector

Green giants: how data centres are taking sustainability in their stride

The growth of data centres has not gone unnoticed by environmentalists