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British Land's Rising Star: it's time for difficult conversations on ethnic diversity

Gender diversity is improving but ethnic diversity is lagging far behind
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Rising Star: Why ESG investment is rising up the resi capital markets agenda

We are seeing a turning point where generating returns from ESG investments is less of a challenge and more of an opportunity
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British Land's Rising Star: most teenagers don't have a clue what real estate is

Young people need to be made more aware of the opportunities available
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Rising Star: Post-coronavirus will retirement villages replace care homes?

The UK needs increased variety in senior housing
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Rising Star: The High Street is far from doomed

Can the high street thrive in a tough market?
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Rising Star: Only 14% of Portugese students have guaranteed accommodation – is Iberia set to sizzle?

Investment into Spain and Portugal's student accommodation sector is set to boom
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Rising Star: how important is relevant industry experience for a career in the property world?

Industry experience while studying helps develops skills, making a candidate stand out in a competitive market
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Locale’s Rising Star: Using tech to create a community

Can workspace really lead to social harmony and does it need to?