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Serviced apartments could prove to be more pandemic resilient

Extended stay model more adept to current challenges
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An extension of the rent moratorium could damage property irreversibly

Clearbell's Chande predicts long-term damage
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Q+A: Hines' Blair: "Those who believe that tumble weed is going to be rolling down the streets of London soon will be sorely mistaken"

Hines MD discusses the prospects for the capital, where he sees value and how investors are shifting to income preservation
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Germany and France could see deal flurry due to pandemic resilience

A flexible approach is required to unearth post-pandemic opportunities
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Expert Reaction: how to breathe life back into our town centres

Practical and psychological barriers need to be addressed to get people returning to town centres
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French lessons for UK shopping centre owners

Regular break clauses and food anchors set French market apart
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Expert Reaction: Evolving retail landlord-tenant collaboration crucial to building value

Closer partnerships will form around the common goal of increasing footfall and store turnover

Why data centres are sating a hunger for digital returns on investment

Investors accessing market through joint ventures and new platforms
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Outside Voice: the occupier that is going to help retail owners from sinking

Water Babies looking to work with property owners to drive footfall